Science is the immeasurable sea of inspirational water.
Professor Jerzy Stelmach

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Opening in 2022

Exhibitions at the MSC


Ships, boats, naval ships, yachts, bathyscaphes. A great sea adventure that will allow you to learn about the process of building and steering any sea boats. Who knows, maybe we'll come across Archimedes in a submarine?

Full steam


Who will come to the rescue of a sinking ship? While visiting this exhibition, you will experience an exciting and dangerous sea adventure. You will discover the sea as an element, you will see the largest waves and whirlpools. And when you play the role of a castaway, you'll find that a small tin of water can save you.



Together, we will visit legendary regions such as the Bermuda Triangle, the Sargasso Sea or Cape Horn. We will explore the great sea trips of Magellan, Columbus, as well as Krzysztof Baranowski, Ludomir Mączka and Aleksander Doba. Thanks to various maps and navigation devices, we will map out the routes of many journeys!

Which way
to India?


If you are curious about the life of great sea dogs? If you are interested in the legend of sailors or if you simply want to scrub the deck of a sea ship in the captain's costume - this exhibition will be for you. But be careful, the sea current, wind and waves can surprise many a daredevil.

and landlubbers


The largest water playground Szczecin has never seen before. Great fun including water lifting, creating waves and whirlpools, as well as remote-controlling of models of various ships. 
Splash for the whole family.


Workshops at MSC

Here, there will be plenty of places where children - both younger and older - will develop creative potential. But not only, because apart from the development, what counts is an interesting and joyfully spent time. Under supervision of carers young people and children will experiment together acquiring knowledge independently. Our workshops will be the perfect place that will certainly stimulate creativity in children, at the same time teaching them patience, perseverance and precision. Creative fun and learning will be a great way to develop imagination and learning about the history of our region at the same time.

Our workshops will broaden childrens knowledge about issues related to physics, mathematics, automation, chemistry and biology. Even the most difficult scientific issues will turn out to be interesting and attracting.



Biological and Chemical